Australia Post Pet Insurance

Australia Post Pet Insurance review

We make the most unmanageable bills into easy ones – that is the Australia Post Pet Insurance promise. With their wide range of pet insurance policies, there is one that will fit your loved fur baby.

The company has three levels of coverage that are flexible enough to fit your budget. The primary coverage is Bronze Pet Insurance. This cover is the most affordable among the three plans and includes accidental injuries and several illnesses for your pet. Over 65% of all your vet expenses can be reimbursed with this plan with up to $3,000 maximum annual limit.

Part of the injury inclusions for the Bronze cover is bone fractures, cuts, and snake bites. Illnesses also cover skin conditions, cancer, tick paralysis, and eye and ear illnesses. You may also make use of the hospitalization, emergency boarding and vet consultations of up to $300 per policy year. You also have the option to add pet wellbeing benefits up to $200 per year.

The Silver Pet Insurance covers both accidental injuries and illnesses, just like the Bronze cover. However, this policy has a higher benefit cap compared to the Bronze cover. You can avail up to 80% worth of refunds from all your vet expenses with an annual benefit of $10,000 maximum.

The most recommended coverage, according to Australia Post, is the Gold cover, where the annual benefits cap is up to $15,000 with a reimbursement rate of up to 80% worth of vet costs. All other inclusions for this plan are the same as the Silver and the Bronze.

What we love about the coverages of the company is its openness to the Routine care benefit. Unlike other insurance plans, all the covers for Australian Post have the option of adding a Routine care benefit worth $200 yearly. Also, you can choose the excess amount that you want so that it could match with your premiums. The choices for the excess amount can be $0, $100, or $200. The company also has discounts for both new customers and multi-pet owners. If you are a new customer to Australia Post, you can have a promotional discount of 15%. If you also enrol more than one pet to their insurance plan, you can have an additional discount of 10%.

What Australia Post recommends when you have an older pet is to enrol it in the bronze cover since older pets already have pre-existing conditions, and entering them to higher policies may be a waste of your money. Pre-existing conditions are part of the exclusions in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze covers. But as long as you renew your pet insurance with Australia Post, it is already insured with the Lifetime coverage.

There are also several exclusions that you have to keep in mind. Some insurance plans include them, and some do not, so you have to make sure that you have carefully compared those insurance plans that you picked to know what policy is best for your fur baby.

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