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HIF Pet Insurance Review

In 1954, HIF started as Western Australia Government Railways Employees Hospital and Medical Fund Inc. Then, they changed their name to the Health Insurance Fund of WA 24 years later; they became an association. 2010 came, and another name change, which created the Health Insurance Fund of Australia as their membership database increased.

The company HIF of Australia is a non-profit private health insurer that provides not only health and travel insurance to its members, but also pet insurance.

The HIF pet’s creation was due to the large number of members in HIF who had pets but does not have pet insurance. There are three types of insurance plans under the HIF Pet Insurance. The Basic level coverage allows your pet to have protection against common accidental injuries like snake bites, lacerations, burns, ingestion of foreign objects, and poisoning. It also covers treatment for paralysis due to tick.

The Middle Level of coverage has all the benefits like the Basic level but with an addition of specific illnesses like cancer, traumatic disc rupture, gastric dilatation-volvulus, cruciate ligament conditions, and cruciate ligaments conditions.

The Top-level of coverage, however, has the most comprehensive inclusions. Aside from having the same coverage as the Middle level, this plan also offers additional vet expenses coverage from injuries and illnesses. Additional options included in the program are Routine Care and Dental illness treatment. Moreover, Routine Care covers vaccinations and other preventative procedures for your pet. Dental illness treatment covers preventative measures for your pet’s teeth and also teeth extraction.

What we like about the policies is the simplicity of the offers, and the comprehensive coverage for the accidental injury only covers.

However, there are still specific exclusions that you need to consider if you want to be a member of HIF and avail of the pet insurance.      Treatments for certain diseases like canine hepatitis, parvovirus, chlamydia, or leukemia are not part of the illness treatment benefit. Any declared pandemic diseases are also not part of the illness benefit.

All the policies have a 21-day cooling-off period, where you can freely cancel the plan if you are not satisfied. If you want to cancel the program, you can contact HIF through their hotline or their website. They will then refund all charges received since the commencement of the plan and minus all the administrative expenses and taxes since these are not refundable. To submit a claim, you can go online through their website, or you can call them through 1300 134 060 and speak with customer service. Requesting a claim must be within 90 days upon the treatment of the pet. You must fill out their Claim form along with the vet’s details about the procedure and other paid invoices.

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