Insuranceline Pet Insurance

Insuranceline Pet Insurance Review

Insuranceline is one of Australia’s oldest running insurance providers. The company is backed up by TAL, a leading insurance specialist for more than 150 years.

Insuranceline offers four insurance plans for every Australian – life, income, funeral, and pet insurances.

However, Insuranceline is no longer offering their pet insurances. But if you are currently under the company’s pet insurance, this review is for you.

Insuranceline pet insurance has three types of coverage – the accidental injury only cover, the unintentional injury and illness cover, and the comprehensive coverage.

The accidental only cover offers treatment coverage for motor vehicle accidents, burns, allergic reactions to an insect bite, tick paralysis, and snake bites. Once you purchased the plan, you can avail up to an 80% refund on all your eligible vet expenses. You can already enrol your pet once it reached eight weeks young.

The Accidental Injury and Illness cover offers the same inclusions as the Accidental injury only covers. However, there is an age limit for this plan. Your pet must be below nine years old and eight weeks past and above to be eligible for the program.

The last coverage for the Insuranceline pet health insurance is the Comprehensive cover. It has the same coverage as the other two plans, but this plan has optional add-ons. If you enrolled in this insurance policy, you could have the option of adding a Routine Care. This add-on gives you the hassle-free feeling whenever your pet needs a vaccination, food supplement, or any day-to-day care.

What we love about the policies is the high annual capping worth $10,000 and the high reimbursement rate. You could also choose your excess charge when you ask for a claim. The choices for the excess payments are $0, $100, and $200.

All the policies also have an emergency boarding benefit and overseas travel insurance. They also cover essential euthanasia costs for your pet.

In other insurance plans, your pet needs to take a medical test to ensure the company that your pet is in good health and had no pre-existing conditions before purchasing the policy. For Insuranceline, there is no need for any medical tests. You could also choose your payment schedules. You can pay fortnightly, monthly, or annually, depending on your budget.

However, there are several exclusions from the policies. You cannot submit a claim for a pre-existing condition and any dental procedures. There is also no alternative therapy and other training included in the plans.

If you want to file a claim, you can contact Insuranceline through their website or their phone line. You need to download the claim form and ask your vet to fill in all the appropriate blanks. It would help if you also compiled all the paid invoices that are related to the condition treated. If this is your first claim, you also need to provide a full vet’s history on your pet. Then you need to compile all the necessary documents and submit everything online, or the Insuranceline agent via phone will ask you the essential details.

Once the claim is approved, Insuranceline will wire the refunds to your bank account.

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