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MiPet Pet Insurance Review

MiPet pet insurance is a family-owned business that offered premium pet insurance plans that also support animal welfare.  The company focused on providing the best protection for your pet and did not have other insurance better to give an absolute service to our beloved fur babies.

The Hollard Insurance Company underwrites the company, and by 2016, MiPet launched the pet insurance program.

Sadly, the company’s pet insurance did not last long as they are no longer offering their insurance plan. If your pet is still under their care, you can submit a claim before the expiration of your policy as per contract.

MiPet pet insurance has three cover policies. The first cover is the Basic cover, which has inclusions like accidental injuries and illnesses treatment. With this policy, your pet gets covered with an annual benefit of $5,000 limit. You can also get refunds up to 70% worth of all your vet bills and expenses. Your pet receives a yearly cap of $2,600 for cruciate ligaments condition treatment, and consultations and vet visits also have a cap at $300 yearly.

Emergency boarding fees also gets covered by MiPet with a yearly cap of $500. Along with it is the overseas travel insurance benefit worth $1,000 per policy year.

The age eligibility for this coverage is eight weeks young and above, which means that there is no age limit for the Basic cover.

The vital cover offers a maximum yearly benefit of $11,000 and a reimbursement rate of up to 80% yearly. It covers both illnesses and accidental injury from eight weeks young to nine years old. This plan also has a tick paralysis treatment worth $1,000 yearly, unlike the Basic cover, which has none.

The most comprehensive cover among the three is the Top cover, which also has the highest premium. This plan covers up to 85% of all your eligible vet bills with an annual benefit of $12,000. This plan applies for pets at least eight weeks young to nine years old. All other benefits are the same as the other two plans. However, the Top cover has an optional advantage called Routine Care. The program offers up to $100 per year for all vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and other day-to-day care.

What we liked about the policies of MiPet is the multi-pet discount, which is 10%. Aside from that, you can also immediately use the accidental injury benefit right after the approval of your insurance policy. There are also no excess payments to the company in cases of submitting claims that are beyond your premium. And even if your pet is already older than nine years old, the coverage will still allow you to continue the policy through their Lifetime coverage.

However, in any insurance policy, there are always exclusions. For MiPet, ambulance fees and non-essential hospitalizations are not part of the inclusions. Alternative therapies and behavioural therapies, dental care, cosmetic procedures, and elective procedures are also not part of the additions.

If your dog is currently under any of the policies, you may contact MiPet pet insurance for any claims that you need to submit.

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