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National Seniors Pet Insurance Review

The National Seniors focuses on being the voice of the elder Australians. They are a non-profit organization for elders. They offer insurances for home, car, renters’, landlord, travel, health, caravan, life, boat, farm, small businesses, and lastly, pets.

The non-profit organization offers only one level of insurance – pure but true. The coverage for the National Seniors pet insurance is the accidental injuries and illnesses policy. With the plan, 80% of all your vet bills and expenses get refunded with a maximum amount of $12,000 per policy year.

Aside from the illnesses and injury, you could also choose your excess payment, whether it’s $0, $100, or $200. This opportunity gives you the freedom to lower your premiums if you increase your excess.

The policy also entitles your pet for an emergency boarding benefit up to $1,000 and overseas travel insurance when you and your pet travel to New Zealand or Norfolk Island.

If there will be an instance where your pet needs to down, National Seniors pet insurance covers 80% of all your vet’s total bills.

There is an optional add-on for the policy – it’s called the Tender Loving Care Package. This option has a cap of $100 yearly and covers routine care treatments like de-sexing, microchipping, dental care, vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and other day-to-day care.

What we like about this policy is the prioritization that it has for older Australians.  Although adults of any age can purchase the policy, National Seniors still prioritize older Australians.  Also, if you apply online, you can avail of their $50 discount and have a 5% discount if you enrol more than one pet. 

However, there are specific exclusions for the policy. Pre-existing conditions are not part of the inclusions of the plan. Extra charges for after-hours therapies are also part of the exclusions. If your pet gets injured due to any behavioural problem, the policy will not cover it.

When claiming an emergency boarding benefit, there are specific exclusions like pet food while your pet stays in the boarding facility and other day-to-day needs of your pet while it is there. Ambulance rides will also be charged to you if your pet needed one.

When you avail of the dental care benefit, your pet will only be entitled to any dental treatment except for teeth cleaning. The Tender Loving Care package will not cover this treatment.

Any injuries of your pet that were caused by you or someone you live with is not part of the inclusions of the policy; also, any treatment that results in not vaccinating your pet. To file for a claim, you must compile all the needed documents like paid invoices, claim form, vet history, and other vet clinical notes following the treatment of your pet. Then, call the National Seniors hotline through 1800 319 497. Once the Claim is approved, they will transfer all refunds to your bank account. Just remember that you must file a claim within 90 days upon the treatment.

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