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Pet Insurance Australia Pet Insurance review

Pet Insurance Australia is a family-owned business and has been serving its fellow pet lovers for 12 years now. They believe that being passionate about bringing care and protection to your pets is the key to their success.

Insurance Australia Ltd. promotes the PIA Pty, and PetSure Australia administers them. The Hollard Insurance Company also underwrites them.

The family-owned business has three insurance covers that you can choose. The Pet Essentials cover is the primary insurance plan of the company. Its policy covers up to 90% of all your vet expenses for accidental injuries and illnesses with an up to $1,000 per condition per year. Your pet also gets an emergency boarding benefit of up to $500 per policy period, which consists of accommodations at their recommended licensed pet boarding facility. The emergency boarding benefit will only take effect if you get hospitalized for five or more consecutive days or if the boarding is due to family violence.

Your pet also gets covered while you are on overseas travel to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. So there is no need to panic if ever your pet encounters a medical situation.

However, due to the annual limit, there will be a significant portion of the bills that you need to pay yourself aside from the covered invoice. If your pet is below eight years, there will be at least 10% of the total bill that you need to cover. And if your pet is older than eight years old, at least 35% of the total vet bills will be shouldered by you.

Also, the 90% reimbursement rate reduces to 65% of your renewal reaches your pet reaches its eighth birthday.

The Comprehensive coverage of PIA offers benefits for both accidental injuries and illnesses. Once you get the coverage, your pet gets entitled to a reimbursement rate of up to 80% per policy period less any excess of your choice. Your pet also gets to have the emergency boarding benefit and the overseas travel insurance along with the tick paralysis treatment benefit. In the tick paralysis benefit, the company pays up to $1,000 per policy year for all treatment of tick paralysis.

For the Major Medical cover offers veterinary treatments for accidental injuries and illnesses plus the optional add-on called Routine Care. The cover also includes up to 80% of all your eligible vet expenses less any excess that you incur – $0, $100, or $200 excess options per condition. Aside from that, your pet also gets the emergency boarding benefit up to $1,200 per policy period and overseas travel insurance when you and your pet travel to NZ and Norfolk island. Also, the tick paralysis treatment of up to $1,200 sub-limit as part of the inclusions.

What we like about the policies of PIA are the discounts that you receive if you enrol more than one pet. If you register a second pet, you get an additional 5% off, 10% for the third pet, and fourth pet and above receive a discount of 15%.

However, there are certain things to consider with PIA. If you go to their website, their presentations for the policies are a bit confusing since some of the necessary information on the website did not get tackled. So if you want to make sure you are getting the best fit policy for your pet, it is better to research more about it and read the terms and conditions carefully.

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