RACQ Pet Insurance

RACQ Pet Insurance Review

RACQ or the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland is an insurance provider that aids fellow Queenslanders with their cars, homes, travels, health, life, and pets. With the RACQ pet insurance, they promise that you can protect not only your vehicles and home but your whole family.

The RACQ pet insurance has two types of policies – the RACQ Pet Insurance and the Pet Cover, along with your existing RACQ Contents insurance. Their pet insurance has an annual benefit of $12,000 max with up to 80% reimbursements on all your eligible vet expenses. They also cover accidental injuries and illnesses and an emergency boarding benefit with up to $1,000 per year at no excess. However, they offer excess options for your policy. You can choose from the $0, $100, or $200 excess charges.

They also have a limit for the number of pets you can enrol per insurance, which is up to four pets. But, if you purchase your plan online, you can get $50 off per pet with a limit of four pets.

What stands out with their RACQ’s pet insurance is the optional add-on called the Tender Loving Care Package. If you purchase the stand-along pet insurance, you can avail the package along with the inclusions of vaccinations, teeth cleaning, microchipping, heartworm treatment or vaccinations and health check-ups. The cost for the TLC package is $100 per policy year and provides a 10% discount on prescription foods bought at Vet Products Direct.

What we love about the stand-alone pet insurance or RACQ is their support to the Animal Welfare League, Queensland. If you adopt a pet through the AWLQ, you will have three months’ free worth of coverages. Alongside that, once you purchase any of the policies with RACQ, they will donate $20 to the AWLQ.

The other option for the pet insurance plan is the tag-along pet insurance wherein you can purchase your pet insurance along with your other guarantees with RACQ like contents insurance or home and contents insurance. With this option, you can claim up to $750 worth of claims for every incident with an excess of $50 per occurrence. Your pet also has both accidental injuries and illnesses benefits, and you can enrol up to two pets.

However, there are still exclusions with the optional pet cover. RACQ insurance does not cover other pets in your home, aside from your dog or cat. If your pet also has any pre-existing conditions or the costs that you incur when your pet dies is not part of the inclusions. Any preventive or elective procedures are also part of the exclusions of the optional pet cover.

To make a claim, you can call RACQ at their hotlines, and they will log your request over the phone. Before calling, you must have with you your RACQ policy number, the date and the details of the incident or the treatment that you want to claim, the vet’s notes, and your paid invoices. Then, they will log all essential details, and once your claim is accepted, refunds get wired to your bank.

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