Suncorp Pet Insurance

Suncorp Pet Insurance Review

Suncorp has rooted its insurance plans deep into Australia’s lands. For more than 100 years, they have been providing on the best insurance plans, offering comprehensive policies and helping so many lives.

However, there are still areas of the insurance industry, which until now, Suncorp has not penetrated – the pet industry. As of this writing, Suncorp is still not offering pet insurances.

Suncorp covers almost every corner of the insurance industry. They offer home and property insurances, car and vehicle insurances, life and income insurances, health insurances, as well as travel insurances.

Under their home and property insurances are home and contents, home building only, contents only, landlord, renters, and strata. With all those choices, there will always be Suncorp insurance for your home.

Home insurances usually cover your house from fires, floods, storms or theft. You will also get a temporary shelter if your home is not livable at the moment due to any of the said circumstance. If you insure your contents, in case of any insured events, your materials will have a replacement along with your other belongings like laptops, bikes, etc. at an additional charge.

As for cars and vehicles insurance, you can get roadside assistance whenever your insured car gets stuck or stranded due to a flat tire. In some other cases where you get into an accident and cause harm to someone or someone’s car, their third-party liability benefit will suit you fine.

There are also a couple of vehicles that can be covered by Suncorp, such as motorcycles, caravans and boats. With the boat insurance, you can have a refund of up to $5,000 worth of boat contents.

For life and income, it provides financial support for your family due to circumstances like accidents or if ever you pass away. The life insurance, also known as the death cover, has a selection of $100,000 to $1 million for the coverage with an early payment for illnesses. You can also nominate up to five beneficiaries. For income protection, your family members become protected once you encounter disease or an accident that prevents you from working or earning money.

The protection covers your family up to 75%o of your monthly income with the payout received as a monthly benefit. You could also choose to either have a 1-year benefit period of 2 years.

Suncorp also has health insurance which has flexible coverage options for you. With the health insurance, you become entitled to a hospital cover or extras cover, or you can combine both. The inclusions of the hospital cover are accommodations to a private hospital, your choice of specialists, and there is no more line waiting for you if you prefer a public hospital.

Extras cover offers dental check-ups, physiological check-ups and chiropractors. Whenever you need to have your eyes checked, the extras cover can include that for you.

What we like about health insurance is that you can pay through direct debit with a savings of 4% on your monthly premiums. You can also have a refund of up to 75% on all your treatment costs. Also, Suncorp is reachable online, so it is easier for you to file for a Claim.

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