Choosing the Right Pet Insurance for Your Bird

If you are a bird owner, you know that birds make wonderful pets. They are low maintenance, provide social interaction, challenge you mentally and physically, and keep you on your toes. Many bird species can speak and have the intelligence of a little child.

They form special bonds with their owners and become an essential part of the family. The truth is that not many bird owners realize how many diseases could affect the health of their pet bird. Parrot fever, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, and obesity are just a few ailments that could affect your pet bird’s health.

Vet care can be expensive, so having pet insurance can save you the hassle of having to rake up large sums of money when your pet bird becomes ill. However, selecting the best one for you and your pet can be difficult.

Here is a helpful guide to choosing the right Australian pet insurance for your pet bird.

What to Consider When Choosing Bird Insurance

Selecting the right pet insurance for your bird does not need to be a daunting process. Follow these simple steps to help you make the right choice.

  1. Consider the Species of Bird You Have

Bird insurance cover is a broad term referring to coverage of a range of species. If you have an exotic bird such as parrots, you should be sure to use an insurance company that offers exotic pet insurance. Other smaller birds such as cockatiels and budgies should be covered by general pet insurance.

  • Which Bird Ailments or Diseases are Covered?

Many owners are not familiar with the diseases that commonly plague domesticated birds. Familiarize yourself with some of these illnesses before choosing an insurance plan for your bird.

  • Psittacosis or parrot fever is a viral infectious disease that can affect humans. It is easily treated by a medical professional but left untreated, it could have devastating effects.
  • Polyomavirus is another fatal viral disease that typically affects young parrots. The virus attacks the bird’s organs and causes them to shut down. While there is no cure for this viral infection, receiving the right veterinary care can help ease symptoms and prolong the life of your bird.
  • Proventricular Dilatation Disease or PDD is an infectious disease that can cause paralysis and ultimately death if left untreated. It affects birds’ central nervous systems and requires medical treatment to prevent the death of the bird.
  • What are the Age Restrictions?

Many insurance providers place age restrictions on the animals they cover. Birds that are too young or too old may not be covered by pet insurances, so be sure to check whether your pet bird fits the age requirements.

  • What is Covered?

It is important to know exactly what is covered by the pet insurance to ensure that your pet is covered for important things like accident and injury cover, overnight stays, veterinary consultation fees, surgeries, and illness treatments.

The last thing you need is to have a pet emergency and realize that your pet is not covered, so take your time, and familiarize yourself with what the insurers offer.

  • What is Not Covered?

While it is important to understand what the insurance policy covers, it is just as important to understand what is not covered. This prevents any nasty surprises, and helps you prepare by saving up for medical expenses that may not be covered by the insurer.

Keep in mind that when choosing insurance for your pet bird, insurers that do not cover essential things such as accidents and illnesses, illness treatment, and surgeries should not be selected for your pet bird.

  • What is the Cost?

An important determining factor is the cost of the insurance plan. While caring for a pet bird can get expensive, the last thing you need is to be paying large sums of money for pet insurance when you could receive the same benefits from cheaper insurance.

On the other hand, however, you do not want to choose a plan that is so cheap that you lose out on essential benefits such as important medical care. Be sure to choose a plan that suits your budget without compromising on quality and coverage.

PetCover Pet Insurance: The Best Choice for Bird Insurance in Australia

PetCover is an insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage for most types of pets. Most importantly, it covers all types of domesticated birds, rare and/or exotic birds included. They have three plans, namely the value, standard, and premium plans.

The value plan is ideal for small birds as it provides a 2000-dollar annual benefit. Accidental illnesses and injuries are covered, and you also get a 300-dollar budget for complementary or alternative therapy should you choose natural treatments. It also entitles you to a 500-dollar benefit to be used if your pet gets lost.

The standard or plus plan gives you a 4000-dollar annual veterinary benefit and covers accidental injuries and illnesses. You get 400 dollars for alternative therapy and 500 dollars for advertising and rewards should your pet go missing.

Additionally, the Premier plan is a more comprehensive policy. It gives you up to 6000 dollars’ worth of cover, with 500 dollars for alternative therapy, and 500 dollars to use for a reward or advertisements should your pet go missing.

The great thing about PetCover Pet Insurance is that you get a discount if you choose to insure more than one animal, and your pet is secure while they are still alive thanks to the Lifetime protection benefit.

If your pet causes death to another person or animal or damages property, you are entitled to liability cover of up to 5,000,000 dollars. The only thing to watch out for is existing conditions. PetCover does not cover pre-existing conditions, so it is advised that you take pet insurance for your pet bird before any conditions develop. Day-to-day care for vaccinations, deworming, or microchipping is also limited.

However, taking into the range of coverage and the benefits you get for the low prices with the range of coverage, PetCover is a great choice for ensuring your pet bird.

Final Thoughts

Pet birds are wonderful pets to have. They form special bonds with their owners and can live for many years if cared for correctly. To ensure that your pet bird is covered when most needed, follow this simple guide to finding the best pet bird insurance in Australia.