Australian Seniors Pet Insurance

Australian Seniors Pet Insurance Review

Coles financial services have been one of the top providers of insurance plans and credit cards to Australians. They have been in service for the past 100 years, enough time to reach every Australian’s heart and protect them from further financial problems.

Over the years, the company has mastered the art of providing the best insurance plans that by 2013, they were hoping to launch their pet insurance program. Unfortunately, the conceived plan was never born.

However, Coles is still busy building protective plans to every Australian household, offering home, life, car, and landlord insurance products. They also boast themselves with their excellent customer service and hassle-free claims.

With Coles Car insurance, your car gets covered for accidents and other damages from a storm, fire flood or hail storms. If your vehicle gets stolen, they offer a car-for-hire for up to 14 days at $50 a day. They also cover your stolen car, whether found or not. They also cover third-party liability. If damage from another person’s car or property was due to your vehicle, they have you covered. They also included an emergency benefit for you whenever your vehicle experiences repairs or gets towed. If you have children, a replacement for car seats and baby capsules are also part of the coverage if stolen from your locked car.

They also have optional add-ons for your car insurance plan. You can avail of the windscreen cover, roadside assistance, or you can hire a car after an accident.

For the Coles Home insurance, you get secured with their standard flood coverage, and in case your window glass broke due to an accident, they can replace it for you. They also have a grocery replacement if ever you experience a power outage, and all your food gets spoiled.

With the Home and Contents insurance, you get to have temporary accommodation up to 12 months once your home experiences floods, fire, earthquakes, or storms. There is also a replacement for furniture and most electronics as well as outdoor furniture. If you need any emergency repairs, they got you covered, too, to ensure that you are safe again after an insured circumstance. You also get a 25% discount if you enrol online through their website with a lifetime guarantee that all your repairs get covered for life.

Coles also has Landlord insurance for those who get to rent their home for others. In cases of fire, storm, flood, lightning, glass breakage, theft, vandalism, lost keys, and lock replacement, they got you covered. Professional fees are also part of the inclusion, like architects or engineering fees. The contents of your home are also part of the coverage in case of floods, fire, storms, lightning, or theft.

What is not part of your coverage are the hotel rental properties and the short term rental in case your renter gets displaced due to incidents.

However, if your renter has damaged some of your contents, Coles can cover them for if you add it as an optional coverage along with your insurance plan. What we love about the plans of Coles is the accessibility of the purchases online. They also have discounts if you purchase online. Just make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions of the plan before you buy it.

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