Bupa Pet Insurance

Bupa Pet Insurance Review

Bupa Insurance is a health and care company in Australia that provides insurance services from your home, car, age care and retirement, dental and health, and now your pet’s well-being. Now, you can finally say that you can ensure your whole family’s safety with Bupa Insurance.

The Bupa Pet Insurance allows your furry friends to grow happy and care-free with their three different levels of insurance coverage – the basic plan, the standard policy, and the Ultimate plan.

Here are the things you need to know about the three plans:

  • All the policies cover accidental injuries, but the standard policy also covers illnesses of your pet. The Ultimate policy covers unintentional injuries, diseases, and routine care. All the programs have a standard 80% coverage for all eligible bills with choices from $0, $100, or $200 excess amount. All three plans also have a $300 annual limit for your pet’s vet consultations and bills. Each policy also has a $2600 yearly limit for any cruciate ligament conditions of your pets.
  • Among all three plans, the ultimate plan has the highest annual benefit of $20,000, followed by the standard policy with $12,000, and lastly, the Basic system with a $6,000 yearly interest.  You could also add a $200 routine care with your standard plan with a minimum of $80 as the sub-limit. However, the Ultimate policy already covers routine care, so there is no need for an add-on.
  • The Bupa Ultimate plan has broader coverage. It covers your pet’s skin conditions with a $500 sub-limit. Furthermore, the program provides a paralysis tick benefit at $1,500 sub-limit. If you decide on an alternative treatment, this plan also has coverage of a $1,000 upgrade.
  • All the plans cover small, medium, and big breed dogs as well as cats, but there are specific policies for each furry friend as each has different needs and health concerns.

What is a plus for this insurance is that if you are already a qualified Bupa member, you will get an additional 10% savings on any of the three plans that you want to avail.

However, Bupa has a list of illnesses and injuries in their three-level plans that are exclusions. Some of the exclusions are pregnancies, those conditions that are already pre-existing, behavioural problems of your pets, and also elective procedures.

There is also a minimum and maximum age limit for the pets that should be insured. For the basic plan, there is no maximum age limit. But for both standard and ultimate plans, the age limit is nine years. The entry age for each program is also eight weeks old. However, Bupa will not cancel your policy once your pet reaches the aging limit. You can still avail of the lifetime renewal policy of Bupa along with your complete requirements.

Take note that all the Bupa Pet plans have a waiting time of 30 days. The waiting time means that you can only use your pet’s insurance after 30 days of availing the program. So if your pet becomes ill before the 30 days waiting time, that will not be covered.

Among the three plans of Bupa Pet, we would recommend the Bupa Ultimate plan since this has the most extensive coverage for your pet. If you have a bigger budget for your furry friend’s insurance, it is better to get the Bupa Pet Ultimate plan.

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