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Greencross Pet Insurance Review

The Greencross Vet Healthy Pets Plus is not pet insurance but a wellness membership program that it dedicates itself to helping prevent any further illnesses to your beloved pets. Their company has veterinarians and nurses that will guide you and your pet through a healthy and happy life.

Greencross Vet Health Pets Plus has programs for both cats and dogs. However, since cats and dogs have different needs, the cost for each member is different. The membership for cats has an annual feline immunodeficiency virus screening test, which makes the price a little expensive than in dogs.

Once you paid the membership fee, the company entitles your pet to a comprehensive list of health services and products at no hidden charges. There is an unlimited vet consultation for your pet, with repeat visits if your pet has conditions, and it needs more than one session of a vet visit.

Greencross Vet also has in-house vets that will check your pets and administer all required vaccinations. Your pet also has dental check-ups for free. If your pet needs a dental procedure, there is a $200 off of the final vet costs, which is valid once a year.

Your pet also has unlimited emergency visits to any of their recommended animal emergency centres if there are after-hours emergencies for your pet. It also entitles your pet to urine analysis and fecal testing with nutritional advice if your pet has weight issues.

For dogs, there is a yearly heartworm testing and an annual feline immunodeficiency testing for cats. There is also a wellness blood test for both cats and dogs.

For your pet products, they offer a 20% discount on pet food and parasite-control products, which also includes the injection for heartworm in dogs. There’s also a 10% discount on all products and services from the company.

Once you sign up for the Greencross Vet Pet Plus program, you can immediately use your privileges. And if ever you are still unsure about the program, they have a 90-day cooling-off period wherein you can cancel anytime.  However, if within the 90 days you have consumed some of their services, they will refund you through calculating the expenses versus the amount you paid upfront.

Payment basis can be fortnightly, monthly or annually. But if you choose to pay either fortnightly or monthly, they require you to pay an upfront amount of $110. They also have a multi-pet discount wherein you can avail of a 10% discount if you enrol more than one pet.

However, you must note a couple of things before enrolling your pet. There are several exclusions in the program. Greencross has vets that can assist you. With that, you can either choose an outsider vet, wherein you pay for the costs, or settle with the vet Greencross has recommended for you. The discounts for the pet products and services of Greencross are only available at Petbarn. Consultations that last more than 20 minutes are also part of the exclusions.

With that, you must carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the program and carefully weigh your options before enrolling.

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