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Guardian Pet Insurance Review

Pet lovers only want the best for their fur babies. However, there would always come a time where your pet would ingest something, or get into an accident. Then, you’d end up in the vet and pay a much expensive bill. But the Guardian pet insurance assures you that with their pet insurance policies, your pet gets the protection it needs, as well as your wallet.

Guardian pet insurance has three covers available at your disposal. The primary coverage is the Bronze cover. Moreover, this policy is for accidental injuries and specific illnesses. With the Bronze cover, your pet gets the assurance of up to 60% worth of eligible vet bills and an annual limit of $12,000. The minimum age for your pet to be enrolled is over eight weeks young and below 15 years old. Your pet will also have vet visits and consultations worth $300 per anum and an emergency boarding of $500 per year.

Furthermore, cruciate ligaments benefit worth $2,000 is also part of the inclusions for the Bronze cover, as well as tick paralysis treatment. Other benefits also include hospitalization, surgery, medicines and Lifetime cover.

For the Gold cover, your pet can avail treatments for accidental injuries and illnesses worth $12,000 yearly at a reimbursement rate of 75% yearly. Other inclusions are hospitalizations, surgeries, vet visits and consultations worth $300 yearly, medicines and drugs and Lifetime cover.

Your pet also gets a $1,000 yearly benefit for tick paralysis treatment with an emergency boarding benefit of $1,000.

The Platinum cover for the Guardian pet insurance has more options than the other two policies. With the Platinum cover, you get the option of adding routine care or alternative therapy for your pet. Also, your pet receives an annual benefit of $12,000 worth of hospitalizations, surgeries, medicines and drugs, and lifetime coverage. With every approved claim, you can get a reimbursement of up to 80% of all your vet bills.

You will also have emergency boarding and cruciate ligaments benefit for your pet worth $1,000 and $2,600, respectively.

What we like about the policies is the variety for the reimbursement rates. Every plan comes with a different reimbursement rate, which means you could also make a better choice on what program is best for your pet and what is according to your budget.

Pets older than 15 years old are also still insured with their Lifetime coverage. It says on the policy that only pets younger than 15 years old can enrol in that policy; however, because of the Lifetime coverage. As long as you continue to renew your pet’s system after the age limit, your pet gets the Lifetime coverage.

As much as the Guardian insurance wants to protect your pet, there are still certain conditions that exclude your pet from getting coverage. Some of the exclusions are pre-existing conditions or symptoms of conditions that were treated before but still needs further treatments right after the approval of your policy. Dental problems or oral diseases are also not part of the inclusions. And even though you can add the routine care,  elective treatments are not part of the additions, so it is also not part of the Routine care.  Before enrolling into any insurance plans, you must carefully read and understand the terms and conditions so you will be able to find the best fit for your furry family members

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