Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance Review

The Guide Dogs Pet Insurance started as insurance providers for registered guide dogs in Australia. Then they offered their affordable insurance services to pets like cats and dogs. Once you purchase an insurance plan with Guide Dogs, part of the proceeds will be benefitting the Guide Dogs of Australia.

There are three levels of coverage for the Guide Dogs insurance plan. The basic plan is Basic care, which includes the cover for accidents and illnesses and a claim benefit of up to $15,000 per policy year. Reimbursements can also go up to 75% worth of vet expenses. It also includes consultations and vet visits capped at $300, hospitalizations, surgeries, medicines and drugs, and Lifetime coverage. What we love about this plan is there is no age limit; therefore, you can enrol your pets that are even older than nine years old.

Basic care also has a cruciate ligament condition benefit, which gives you a maximum of $3,200 per year worth of surgeries and vet visits. It also has an emergency boarding benefit capped at $500 per year. However, the coverage of the emergency boarding benefit does not include transportation and food.

The standard plan for the Guide Dogs pet insurance is Comprehensive care. Like the Basic Care, the Comprehensive Care also has the same annual limit amount but has a higher reimbursement rate of 80%. It also has age eligibility from nine weeks young to nine years old. Other inclusions are accidental injuries and illnesses, hospitalization, surgeries, and vet visits and consultations to any licensed vets in Australia.

Premium Care has broader coverage than the other two insurance policies. Aside from the accidental injuries and illnesses coverage, you can also have an option of routine care benefits. It also has the highest coverage amount than the Comprehensive Care and Basic Care, amounting to $20,000 per year. The reimbursement rate for this plan is also the highest at 85% worth of eligible vet costs. Emergency boarding is even higher than the two policies, amounting to $1,200 per year.

Unlike the two other insurance plans, the age eligibility of the Premium Care is from eight weeks young to nine years old. However, you can still ensure your pet security after the maximum age limit if you continue to renew the plan and fulfil the requirements.

What we like about the policies of Guide Dogs is the excess options of $0, $50, and $100. With this, you can compare and adjust your premiums and coverages to your plans. The policies also have a third-party liability benefit worth $1 million for registered guide dogs. All the programs also have coverage for unvaccinated pets. Lastly, if you enrol more than one pet, you will get a 10% discount. We also love that you can pay the plan fortnightly, monthly, or annually so you can budget and adjust your premiums. The Guide Dogs pet insurance has other exclusions like dental care and elective procedures, so you must read and understand the terms carefully and compare the policies with other companies to effectively know what is best for your pet.

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