HCF Pet Insurance

HCF Pet Insurance Review

The HCF insurance company believes that your pets are a part of your family, too, so they have created insurance to protect them also. HCF is a non-profit health-centred organization that caters to your home, travel, life, and pet protection.

HCF has three different levels of insurance plans. The primary coverage is the Pet Essential, which has the lowest premium. The annual benefit limit for this policy is $8,000, with up to 80% coverage of all your pet’s vet treatment needs. The policy covers accidental injuries with an emergency boarding fund for your pet in case you get any medical attention, and no one is looking out on your pet.

The downside of this policy is that there are a lot of exclusions like the illness coverage, the routine care benefit, and the tick paralysis benefit. But, what we like in this policy is that once your policy application is approved, you can immediately use the plan.

The Pet Premium policy has a broader coverage compared to the Pet Essential since this is the standard policy. You can avail up to $12,000 worth of pet treatment needs for the whole policy year, and with the plan, you have a reimbursement rate of up to 80%. Compared to the Pet Essential policy, this policy covers both accidental injuries and illnesses. This policy also entitles you a tick paralysis annual limit of $1,000 and an emergency boarding fund of $1,000. We love that this policy has the cancer treatment benefit, and it includes skin condition in its illnesses list.

You can also add the dental illness cover for this policy with an annual limit of $2,000 and a waiting period of 2 years after the application.

The policy with the highest premium is called the Pet Premium plus Routine Care. This policy has an annual limit of 12,145 that includes the Routine Care benefit. Just like the two other policies, this plan ensures you an 80% reimbursement rate and covers both your pet’s accidental injuries and illnesses. Since it has a Routine Care included in its policy, you can avail up to $145 per anum of Routine Care benefit on top of the $50 Routine Care annual limit. You can also add the dental illness benefit into this plan, with a yearly limit of $2,000. Just like the Pet Premium plan, there is also 30 days waiting period for the dental illness benefit.

What we love about this company’s policies is that they have 21 days cooling-off period wherein you can choose to either continue using the services or cancel your application. They will give you a refund depending on the terms and conditions if you decide to discontinue the claim. They also have a 10% discount on your policy if you enrol more than one dog or cat.

You must take into consideration that the policies do not include pre-existing conditions of your pets, so it is better to enrol your pets while they are still eight weeks old. The company also has an age limit of 9-years-old for the Pet Premium and Pet Premium plus Routine Care. However, if you shall continue renewing your insurance plans, you are entitled to Lifetime Insurance.

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