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Medibank Pet Insurance Review

What is more relaxing than getting all your family members, including your furry friends, the insurance plans that they need? If you are looking for that all-in package, Medibank Pet Insurance is the best fit for you.

Medibank Pet Insurance does not only secure your pet’s future needs, but they also ensure your home, health, travels, and life. They are a private health insurance provider that serves 3.7 million Australians. 

The company offers three kinds of pet policies that you can choose. The first policy is the Essential Pet Care, the second is the Ultimate Pet Care, and the last one is the Emergency Pet Care.

What we love about the company policies is that all the plans have a high reimbursement rate from 70%-80%, which means you can get back at most 80% of all your vet treatment costs whichever policy you enrol. The Ultimate Pet Care also has the highest coverage among the three plans. Although the Ultimate Pet Care policy has the highest premium, it has the most comprehensive coverage. We also love that all the programs cater to both accidental injuries and illnesses, though the Emergency Pet Care only has specified diseases covered.

We love that the company allows you to continue your pet’s insurance policy even after the age limit as long as you keep renewing it.

Essentially, the Essential Pet Care is the basic policy among the three, and the Ultimate Pet Care is the comprehensive policy. Among the three, Emergency Pet Care is the specialty policy. For the Essential Pet Care, your inclusions have the $4,000 annual benefit limit for all your pet’s vet treatment needs. However, this insurance plan has two excess options you can choose – $0 and $100. Just like the Ultimate Pet Care and the Emergency Pet Care, this policy has a minimum age of 8 weeks for your pets to be insured.

The Ultimate Pet Care has the highest premium among the three policies. It has an annual benefit limit of $15,000, which covers all your pet’s vet needs for the entire policy year. It also has three options for the excess. You can choose from $0, $100, and $200 excess options. This policy is also open for the Routine care benefit.

The company has a specialty policy for your pets – the Emergency Pet Care. This plan covers the high-value vet bills and includes an annual limit of $8,000, typically higher than the basic policy of the company. It also has three excess options – $0, $100, and $200.

Some good things about the policies are that you have the 21 days cooling-off period, which means that from the day that you availed the services, you can either cancel your plan if you do not like or continue it. If you wish to cancel your plan, they will give you a refund, given that all administrative fees and other fees are non-refundable.

But it would help if you considered that the policies’ premiums go higher and higher every year since your pet is also aging every year. Even vet treatments advance almost every year. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions for your preferred plan carefully before you avail of any.

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