Petbarn Pet Insurance

Petbarn Pet Insurance Review

Petbarn is one of the largest pet supply retailers in Australia, and now, they are venturing to pet insurance. PetSure administered Petbarns’ insurance plans and is under The Hollard Insurance Company, so you are sure that your pet is in good hands.

The company offers three different kinds of insurance plans. The Core cover is the basic plan with a minimum pet age of eight weeks young and a maximum age limit of 9 years old. The highest reimbursement rate for this plan is 90%, with a 65% rate for pets over eight years old.

The inclusions of this policy are accidental injuries, illnesses, and emergency boarding of a $500 annual limit. It also covers your pet’s tick paralysis and ear conditions.

What are excluded in this policy are your pet’s dental conditions, cruciate ligament conditions, alternative treatments, and behavioural conditions. Once your plan is approved, you do not have any waiting period for accidental injuries, but you have 30 days waiting period for your pet’s illness coverage.

The standard plan is the Core Plus cover. Just like the Core cover, this plan also has no overall annual limit, and the reimbursement rate for this policy can go up to 90% worth of vet costs.  It also covers accidental injuries and illnesses, emergency boarding, and cruciate ligaments conditions capped at $1000. Just like the Core cover, it takes 30 days before you can use the plan and six months before your pet can use the cruciate ligaments benefit.

The comprehensive plan for Petbarn Pet Insurance is called the Total cover. From the name itself, you can have a refund of up to 100% with no overall annual limit. This plan has the most comprehensive coverage since your pet can avail, not just accidental injuries and illnesses. This policy entitles your furry friend to have a $750 dental illness benefit, emergency boarding, cruciate ligaments benefit capped at $4,000, alternative treatments capped at $500, and behavioural, and anxiety conditions help capped at $400. This plan is also the most flexible policy compared to the other two. You can have additional benefits like prescription diets, along with this plan. 

The waiting period is also lesser for this plan compared to the other two programs.

What we love about the policies are the no excess benefit and the no overall annual limit. There is no total yearly limit for the systems because each plan has a per condition limit per year. For the Core cover, you can avail up to $500 per condition while the Core Plus has up to $1,000 limit per requirement. You can also avail of their 10% discount if you enrol more than one pet in one of their policies.

Unlike other insurance policies, the Petbarn Pet Insurance can cover your pet’s behavioural and anxiety conditions, and this is another plus for us.

You have to take into consideration that their policies are more flexible, so you have to make sure what your pet’s needs are so that you can have the best cover for your loved ones. You must also remember that you can still avail of their Lifetime coverage as long as you continue your renewal.

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