Petcover Pet Insurance

Petcover Pet Insurance Review

Petcover Pet Insurance is one of Australia’s best insurance provider with the most comprehensive coverage. The company is under the Lloyd’s of London, which is one of the world’s most significant insurance underwriters.

What sets this company apart from the others is that their coverage is not only for dogs and cats, but also for other pets like birds, turtles, and rabbits. They also provide straight-forward, exotic, and rare pet insurances with a wide variety of options of your choice.

Petcover Insurance has three plans you can choose. The Value plan is the basic plan which is available for both large and small mammals. The coverage for birds, reptiles, turtles, and other small mammals for this policy is $2,000 annually. The coverage composes accidental injuries and illnesses as well. The plan also entitles your pet up to $300 of alternative therapy or complementary treatment. It also has an advertising and reward benefit capped at $500.

The standard plan for the Petcover is the Plus plan.  The program entitles you a $4,000 annual veterinary fee cover, including accidental injuries and illnesses. You also have a $400 benefit for alternative therapy and complementary treatment, along with a $500 worth of advertising and reward, just in case your pet gets lost.

The Premier plan is a comprehensive policy. It allows you to cover up to $6,000 worth of veterinary costs annually. The program also entitles you for alternative therapy and complementary treatment of up to $500. In case your pet gets lost, you can advertise and claim a reward of $500.

What we love about the policies of Petcover is that it allows you to cover up to $20,000 worth of vet fees for your dog and $15,000 for your cats. The plans also entitle you with a multi-pet discount wherein you can have a markdown if you enrol more than one pet in your policy. Your pet is also secure throughout its life with its Lifetime protection.

If your pet also causes death upon another pet or person, incur injuries, or property damage, you are entitled to a third-party liability worth of up to $5 million.

However, there are specific exclusions on the policies of the company. Any pre-existing conditions are not part of the inclusions in the coverage. If your pet has incurred any treatment in the past due to an illness and needs further attention, it will not cover additional procedures. That is why it is better that you enrol your pet at the minimum age requirement for the policy. Your pet’s day-to-day care is also part of the exclusions on the coverage. Daily care includes vaccinations, micro-chipping, or de-worming. In some insurance plans, dental care is an add-on option for their comprehensive plan; however, Petcover excludes dental care for their policies.

Some experts also think that the company’s 100% reimbursement rate is too good to be accurate as Petcover is a smaller plan compared to the other insurance plans.

Do not forget to read the terms and conditions carefully before having a deal with any insurance providers and make sure that your pet’s needs have full coverage in any insurance policy that you get.

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