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Petinsurance provides affordable insurance plans that fit your pet’s needs and fit your budget. They are under PetSure Australia Pty. Ltd, which has been in the insurance industry for more than 15 years and is in the top five best pet insurance providers in the world.

There are two types of policies for each of the following – dogs, puppies, cats, and indoor cats. The first type of system for the dog cover is accidental injury and illness. The inclusions of the policy are the treatment for injuries and diseases with an annual benefit of $10,000 max. Other additions of the plan are tick paralysis, snake bites, motorcycle accidents, cruciate ligament conditions and cancer treatment.

The other policy is accidental injury. The system only covers unintentional injuries for dogs starting six months and above. Just like the first policy, the injury policy has an annual benefit of $10,000 max with a reimbursement rate of 80% worth of vet expenses.

The Puppy cover has another set of policy. The first one is the accidental injuries and illnesses policy which has the same coverage as the accidental injuries and illnesses policy for dogs. However, the age bracket for this policy is only from eight weeks to six months.

The accidental injuries policy for puppies is the same as the accidental injuries policy for dogs. However, the annual benefit for the plan is $8,000 and does not cover illnesses. Skin conditions are also not part of the inclusions for this policy.

There are a couple of injuries that can only take effect after 30 days waiting period. Injuries like tick paralysis, soft tissue injuries, ingestion of foreign objects, heatstroke and torn nail are part of the 30-day waiting period. Other damages can be covered immediately by the policy right after purchase.

For the Cat coverage, both the accidental injuries and illnesses policy and accident-only policy have $0 excess with a reimbursement rate of up to 80% worth of vet costs. Both plans also have an annual benefit of $3,000 for accidents and another $3,000 for illnesses.

For your indoor cats, the minimum age is eight weeks old, and the maximum age limit is nine years old. The annual deadline for the Indoor cat cover is $5,000 with a reimbursement rate of up to 80% worth of vet costs. The coverage of the policy also includes some specified illnesses like cancer treatments, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, heart disease and renal diseases.

Emergency boarding is also part of the inclusions for the Indoor cat cover. Your cat will get a $1,000 worth of accommodation per year when you are unable to care for your cat due to an emergency. However, food and other stuff do not apply for the benefit.

What we like about the policies offered by Petinsurance is how they can specify the systems based on what pet you have. Since every animal has a specific need, there should also be a detailed insurance plan for them.

Just take note that there are still exclusions for the policies, and you must read and understand the terms and conditions carefully to thoroughly compare the plans and know which strategy is the best fit for your pet.

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