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PetMed Pet Insurance Review

If you still worry about your dog or cat not having any insurance because of their old age, do not fret because PetMed got you covered.

PetMed Pet Insurance is the only insurance company in Australia that provides insurance policies at whatever age your pets are, making them the most comprehensive insurance provider. The company is also one of the oldest insurance providers in Australia for over 20 years, making them one of the most trusted companies for your beloved furry buddies.

PetMed boasts themselves with their Young Pets cover and their Seniors cover. In the Young Pets cover, the age eligibility is from 8 weeks young to 9 years old. You can choose between their 65% and 85% reimbursement rate, which includes all your vet bills. The Young Pets cover also has three annual benefits you can choose – the $5,000, $12,000, and the $18,000. The basic plan for the Young Pets coverage includes accidental injuries, prescription drugs and medicines, surgery, and tick paralysis benefit. 

Both Your Pets and Seniors coverages include hospitalization, specialist care, laboratory, and diagnostic tests, after-hours emergency visits, cancer treatment, and gastrointestinal conditions. It also has a Lifetime cover, and you can keep the same plan for the rest of your pet’s life. 

Both policies have the cruciate ligament conditions benefit amounting to $2,600 per plan year. Your pets can also have consultations capped at $300 per anum. However, the Young Pets cover has two options for the tick paralysis treatment. You can choose from $500 annual benefit or the $1,000 annual benefit. You could also select the yearly limit for your emergency boarding benefit – either $500 or $1,000 per anum limit.

The Seniors cover has a tick paralysis treatment benefit of $500. It also has an emergency boarding benefit of $500, which allows your pet to stay for more than five consecutive days if you encounter an emergency and could not cater to your pet. 

What we love about the policies are the flexible cover options. Since they cater to all ages of your pets, there is always a specific coverage for every age bracket. A routine care benefit is also an option you can add-on with your policy. With an additional payment, you can avail of covered vaccinations, de-worming, preventive vet treatments, and several routines for your pet.

However, there are several exclusions to the policies. There is no dental care coverage for both the Young Pets and Seniors coverage. There is also no alternative therapy benefit available for both coverages. If your pet has behavioural problems like anxiety disorder, both policies do not cover the treatment.

Since PetMed is open for all ages, you should take note that pre-existing conditions are not part of the inclusions of their policies. So if ever you enrol your dog that had a treatment in the past and still needed further therapies by the time your insurance is available, you cannot avail the policy.  Finally, PetMed can provide you with a free health report for your pets so that you can have insights about your pet’s future health needs.

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