Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan Pet Insurance Review

Petplan Insurance is one of the most reputable pet insurance provider in Australia with their outstanding customer service and comprehensive coverage. They are the longest-running pet insurance company in Australia, and that makes you assured about their service to their customers over the years.

The company has four levels of coverage. The primary coverage is the Essential package. You can also choose the Classic 1 and 2 plans, and the Ultimate package, which is the most comprehensive one.

The policies for Petplan cover your pet’s accidental injuries and illnesses unless it is a pre-existing condition. The PetVetDirect is also available, and all vet cost reimbursements are through this system. If you are unsure of your purchase, the Petplan insurance entitles you to a 30-day free look period. The look period is like a money-back guarantee wherein you cancel your plan if you do not feel like it is not the best one for your pet.

The Petplan insurance policies also have the Ultimate package where you can avail of a $15,000 annual limit or more if you avail of their additional benefits like emergency boarding for your pets, your lost pet advertisement benefit, and lost pet reimbursement. The policy also covers refunds for your travel and accommodation costs in cases where you cancelled your vacations due to pet injury or illness.

What we love about this company is that they have 24/7 customer service, and you can have a 5% discount if you purchase their insurance plans online. They also cover any advertising if you lost your pet, or in case your pet gets missing or gets stolen, or even when you travel plans got cancelled due to your pet’s illness. They also have no lifetime claims, and per condition claims limit, so you have a fixed maximum annual limit.

Usually, they pay your claims within 5-7 days, a faster payment than other insurances, but sometimes it can still last up to 30 days. They also have an app where you can download through your iOS phone of Android phones. They also cover your pet’s vet exam fees if your pet is sick during the visit. And your pet’s coverage can still be applied whenever you travel with your furry buddy in the US or Canada. 

But unlike other pet insurances, Petplan has not multi-pet discounts. Also, the coverage of your dog or cat can only be applied if you take your pet within 48 hours of seeing symptoms due to illness or accidental injury. We have also noticed that some Petplan insurance holders are complaining due to delayed payments of their claims. Also, to renew your pet’s policy, your pet must undergo an annual check-up. Failure to do so will not forfeit your dog’s coverage. Petplan insurance plans also do have not wellness plan for your pets, and their sample quotes are higher than the competitors.

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