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Prime Pet Insurance Review

As the name suggests, Prime Pet Insurance offers you three regal policies tailored to fit your budget. They believe that you are entitled to hassle-free pet insurance so, no matter what insurance policy you pick, you do not need to pay any excess. They want to make you and your pet feel like royalty that they can give a reimbursement rate of up to 85%, a higher price compared to other pet insurance policies.

Prime Pet Insurance has three policies you can choose. The Sovereign Accident and Illness cover has the most comprehensive coverage and includes a maximum yearly limit of $14,000 for your pet’s accidental injuries and illnesses. Also, it covers your pet’s hospitalization, surgery, visits to any licensed veterinarians in Aussie, alternative therapy, medicines and drugs, and lifetime coverage. This comprehensive policy has the highest reimbursement rate among the three plans. With this cover, you can avail up to an 85% refund from all your vet costs. 

With this comprehensive plan, you can already avail of their routine care benefit, which covers your pet’s vaccinations, regular health check-ups, and de-worming. You can also avail the consultations and vet visits benefit for a maximum limit of $300.

The minimum age of your pet must be eight weeks when you enrol them in this policy, and the maximum age limit is eight years old.

The Imperial Accident and Illness cover is the company’s standard policy. Just like the Sovereign policy, this plan also has a maximum annual limit of $14,000 worth of accidental injuries and illness. Your pet can also avail of hospitalization, surgeries, visit any licensed veterinarians in Aussie, medicines, and drugs, and a Lifetime cover. But unlike the Sovereign cover, the reimbursement rate for this plan is only 80%. You also cannot avail the Routine Care and alternative therapy for this plan.

But like the Sovereign cover, this policy entitles your pet an emergency boarding benefit with a limit of $1,000. You can also avail the cruciate ligament benefit for a $2,600 annual limit.

The basic plan for Prime Pet Insurance is the Regal Accidental and Illness cover. Just like the two other plans, this policy has a $14,000 worth of hospitalization, surgery, visit any licensed veterinarians in Aussie, medicines, and drugs, and Lifetime coverage. Your pet could also have consultations and vet visits for a $300 annual cap. But unlike the two other plans, this policy’s emergency boarding benefit is only $500 per policy year. This policy also does not include your pet’s routine care and alternative therapy.

What we love about Prime Pet Insurance policies is that they have a 10% discount if you enrol more than one pet. We also love that each policy entitles your pet to an emergency boarding benefit. This benefit gives your pet a place to stay if you get hospitalized, and no one is going to look out on your pet. Each policy also includes a tick paralysis benefit with specific allocations.

The only thing that you should consider in this policy is that compared to other pet insurance policies, Prime Pet Insurance has the highest premiums.

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