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Prosure Pet Insurance Review

Prosure Pet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats, and it has three levels of coverage. The company is under The Hollard Insurance Company, with over 18 years of experience in the pet insurance industry.

The Silver Accidental Injury is the basic plan offered by the company. With this level of coverage, you can have a refund of up to 80% of your pet’s bills. Accidental injuries and after-hour visits are also part of the inclusion of the policy. You can get as high as $8,000 for your annual limit, and your pet can have a cruciate ligament benefit of up to $2,600.

If, in any case, you encounter an emergency that makes you unable to care for your pet, the Silver cover can accommodate your pet with their emergency boarding benefit capping to $500. The company can house your pet for five or more consecutive days in a licensed pet boarding facility while you tend to your emergency.

Your pet also has hospitalization and laboratory tests, overseas pet travel insurance, surgery, and prescription drugs and medicines. However, with this policy, you cannot avail of the optional add-ons like tick paralysis benefit and the wellness care rewards.

Gold Accidental and Illness cover is the standard plan among the three policies. Just like the Silver plan, you can avail up to an 80% refund from all your vet bills with inclusions of your pet’s accidental injuries or illnesses. It also entitles your pet after-hour emergency visits, and your annual limit for this plan is $12,500.

For the Gold plan, dental illnesses and emergency boarding are part of the inclusions. Hereditary and congenital disease benefits are also on the list of additions for this plan as well as hospitalization, diagnostic tests, and tick paralysis capped at $500 annually.

The Platinum Accidental and Illness cover is the most comprehensive among the three plans. It only does not allow you a $14,500 annual limit, it also has a dental illness, hereditary and congenital diseases benefit, and the wellness care benefit capped at $150 per policy year.

What we love about the policies are the 21 days cooling-off period and the multi-pet discount of about 10%. They also do not have an excess amount, and consultations capped at $300 per policy.

However, the policies for this company do not have an alternative therapy, and elective procedures are not part of the inclusions as well. Their lists of approved illnesses are also a bit short. Ambulance fees and other non-essential hospitalizations are not available on the list as well as organ transplant surgeries. The dental illness coverage also has a waiting period of two years, which is a bit longer than other plans.

To apply for your Prosure claim, you can download the form at the site and fill the appropriate blanks. You can then mail the form at their Castle Hill office. Note that your claims must be submitted and received within 90 days. Your vet must also complete the form and sign it. 

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