RACV Pet Insurance

RACV Pet Insurance Review

The RACV or Royal Automobile Club of Victoria is an automobile club that offers not just car insurance but also home, travel, and farm insurances. They even provide roadside assistance and car servicing and personal loans. Once you become a member of the RACV, you can have discounts on all their products and services along with their partners.

The company RACV only has one type of pet insurance. However, the company has declared that effective February 28, 2020, they are no longer offering their pet insurance. If you have a currently enrolled policy in their pet insurance service, your insurance plan is still applicable until the expiration date mentioned in your Insurance certificate.

The single coverage policy that the RACV holds has a $12,000 yearly limit with a reimbursement rate of up to 80% worth of vet fees and expenses. It also includes accidental injuries and illnesses that benefit from hospitalization, surgeries and medicines, and drugs, along with vet visits and consultations.

The policy also offers an emergency boarding benefit for your pet whenever you encounter an emergency. The company will provide the accommodations in any of their recommended licensed pet boarding facility, except for food and other pet needs. Your pet is also safe and protected while you travel to New Zealand or Norfolk Island.

As a single cover for the pet insurance of RACV, they offer an optional add-on for your pet. They call it the Tender Loving Care benefit wherein your pet has coverage for any preventive and elective treatments along with any day-to-day care worth $100 yearly.

What we like about the policy is the TLC option, which is slightly higher than other insurance plans. With the TLC option, you don’t need to pay for other small treatments for your pet. Pre-existing conditions are not part of the inclusion of the policy. However, you can waive that exclusion if you can have the appropriate documents to prove that the situation had no signs or symptoms within the last 18 months.

However, the policy has specific exclusions. The plan has no coverage over your pet once used as a guard dog or assistance dog. Canine distemper or feline infectious peritonitis is also not part of the inclusions for the illness treatment benefit. The emergency boarding benefit will also not be allowed once the company knows that you have someone who could reasonably take care of your pet. Transport costs during the emergency boarding of your pet are also not part of the inclusions.

Other benefits like dental care, grooming, and food supplements are all exclusions to the policy. Furthermore, training programs do not also fall in the coverage.

Euthanasia is part of the inclusions of the insurance plan. But once the known cause of death is not part of the illnesses list of the company, the euthanasia costs will be out of your pocket. If you are currently using the policy of RACV, you can file for a claim through contacting RACV via phone or through their website. Before submitting the request, you must gather any treatment history of your pet and the paid invoices. Then RACV will ask for the essential details from the documents, and once your claim is approved, they will wire the refund through your bank.

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