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Real Pet Insurance Review

Real Insurance launched in 2005 as an insurance provider for homes, landlords, car, life, funeral and travel. Then they started the Real Pet Insurance, which helps dog and cat owners in Australia get the best care they deserve in times of circumstances.

The pet insurance of Real Insurance has three coverages. The primary coverage is the Classic Accident and Illness cover. If you are on a budget and you want to enrol your pet to pet insurance, this cover is the best fit for you. The policy covers both injuries and illnesses on a budget. With the plan, you can get up to 60% worth of all eligible vet costs with an annual benefit of $2,000 limit per condition or a total of $12,000 per year.

There is also an emergency boarding benefit available with the policy and full coverage for your pet when you both travel to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. Your pet also gets a Lifetime cover when it reaches the age limit, as long as you continue the renewal of the policy.

The Standard Accident and Illness cover is the next policy after the Classic Accident and Illness cover. It covers both accidental injuries and illnesses and covers up to 75% of all eligible vet costs per year. Just like the Classic cover, the Standard cover also has emergency boarding benefits, overseas travel coverage, and tick paralysis treatment. Lifetime coverage applies when you enrol your pet between eight weeks young and nine years old and as long as you continue to renew the policy.

For the Standard cover, there is no waiting period for the accidental injury. Once you purchase the policy, you can immediately use the unexpected injury benefit the next day.

The Premium Accident and Illness cover have an annual benefit of $12,000 with a reimbursement rate of up to 80% worth of eligible vet costs. Just like the standard cover, this policy has inclusions like emergency boarding, tick paralysis treatment, accidental injuries and illnesses treatment benefit and a Lifetime cover. However, if you enrol your pet with this policy, it entitles you for an optional benefit of Routine Care. With Routine Care, you can vaccinate your pet and even have behavioural training.

What we like about the policies of the company is the no excess benefit for all the coverages. Also, you will receive a 10% refund on your annual payment if you stay with the policy for a year. The Real Reward will be refunded to you within 30 days after your anniversary with Real Pet Insurance.

Also, there are three payment schedules that you can choose from – fortnightly, monthly, and annually. What is excellent about the paying fortnightly or monthly is there are no extra charges, unlike other insurance plans.

However, you have to consider that the Premium cover, the capping of the Routine Care is only up to $80. So you have to carefully weigh your options and compare the plans so that you can thoroughly assess the best pet insurance for your pet.

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