RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance Review

RSPCA is an animal welfare organization in Australia, and since 1871, it grew to become one of the country’s most recognized organizations. RSPCA created the RSPCA Pet Insurance with the help of PetSure (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

The RSPCA is focused only on pet insurance and is widely known in Australia to provide the best pet insurance. There are four types of coverage for this insurance – the Ultimate Plus Accident and Illness Cover, the Ultimate Accident and Illness Cover, the Economy Accident and Illness Cover, and the General Accident and Illness Cover.

The Ultimate Plus Accident and Illness Cover has the highest annual benefit, amounting to $20,000. The other three covers have the same yearly benefit limit of $11,000. What we like about insurance is that you can get up to 80% of reimbursement from all your vet treatment costs. Also, all the insurance covers have no annual condition limit except the General Accident and Illness cover, which has a yearly condition limit of $2,000.

All of the insurance policies cover accidental injuries and illnesses. They also have a multi-pet discount of 10% per policy so you can ensure the safety of not only one of your pets. You can also avail of the emergency boarding benefits for all the plans with a $1,000 limit for the Ultimate Accidental and Illness cover and the Economy Accidental and Illness cover. However, General Accidental and Illness cover only has a limit of $500. The emergency boarding benefit includes a five days stay of your pet in a licensed pet boarding facility. However, it does not cover your pet’s food while inside the facility.

The General Accidental and Illness cover has an age limit of 16 years in dogs, and you can avail the policies as young as eight weeks. However, for the other three plans, the age limit is nine years old. But once insured, you can still avail the company’s lifetime insurance for your pets as long as your pet’s policy is still intact.

Both the Ultimate Plus and the Ultimate Accidental and Illness policies have a Routine care option at $15 per policy year for both heartworm tests and urinalysis. But the two other plans do not have that option. However, if you want to upgrade the coverage of your Routine care, you can pay $50 for the annual benefit.

We like that all the policies have a separate capping for the vet visits and consultations. Each policy entitles you a $300 benefit per policy year. All the plans also allow you with the tick paralysis benefit with different annual limits per coverage.

You can also avail the cruciate ligament conditions benefit at different annual capping per policy. For the General Accidental and Illness cover, you can avail of the benefit at an annual cap of $2,000. For the Economy Accidental and Illness cover and The Ultimate Accidental and Illness cover have the yearly limit of $2,600.

All the policies have a waiting period of 30 days for all illnesses and no waiting period for accidental injuries. There is also a six months waiting period before you can avail the cruciate ligaments condition benefit. But you can waive the waiting periods depending on your case. You can refer to the relevant policy booklet for the conditions.

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