Vets Choice Pet Insurance

Vets Choice Pet Insurance Review

As the name suggests, Vets Choice is simply the best choice for the vets. Backed up by Guild Insurance and Australian Veterinary Association, Vets Choice is one of the top-rated insurance providers in Australia.

Vets Choice has two covers for cats and dogs, and a separate plan for dental care.

The Vets Choice Pro Cover has a yearly benefit of $12,000 max with a reimbursement rate of up to 100% worth of eligible vet bills. The policy covers accidental injuries and illnesses, as well as hospitalization, surgery, consultations and vet visits, medications and drugs and Lifetime cover.

The minimum age requirement for the coverage is over eight weeks, and the maximum age is below nine years old. However, your pet could still get insured after it reaches nine years old, as long as you continue your renewal of the policy.

Along with the other inclusions for the Pro Cover is the cruciate ligaments injury benefit which has a capping of $3,300 per policy year. Moreover, tick paralysis treatment, capped at $2,500 a year, is also part of the inclusions. Emergency boarding is also part of the benefits, at no charge.

For the Vets Choice Elite Cover, your pet can get an annual benefit of $15,000 max with a reimbursement rate of up to 100%. Inclusions are tick paralysis treatment capped at $2,500 yearly, accidental injuries, illnesses, hospitalization, surgery, medicines and drugs, and Lifetime coverage.

Consultations and vet visits are also part of the inclusions, at zero charges, as well as emergency boarding benefit. Furthermore, cruciate ligaments injuries have a capping of $3,300 yearly.

The Pro Cover and the Elite Cover both have the same inclusions for cats and dogs.

What we like about the Vets Choice pet insurance is the separation of dental care. Instead of making it into an add-on option on either Pro Cover or Elite Cover, Vets Choice believes that dental care must also be given the same focus as the other covers. That is why Pro Cover and Elite Cover have no routine care in their options, as well as alternative therapies.

Also, if you enrol more than one pet, you will get an additional 5% discount upon purchase. And although, as sad as it sounds, euthanasia is somewhat necessary for vets if they decide that your pet already needs it. With Vets Choice, the costs for euthanasia are part of the coverage of the policies.

Since AVA or Australian Veterinary Association backs vets Choice, most of the vet clinics in Australia will have Vets Choice as their pet insurance. However, just like any other insurance plans, we must consider that there are exclusions. Since routine care is not part of the optional add-on of the policies, vaccinations and other Routine care benefits are not part of the inclusions. Moreover, elective treatments are not part of the coverage, too. To know the full details of the exclusions on the policies, it would be best if you will read their product disclosure statement

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