Woolworths Pet Insurance Reviews April 2020

Woolworths Pet Insurance Review

Woolworths is an insurance company that provides care and safety for your home, car, travel, life, and pets. The insurance company is under the oldest and largest insurance provider in Australia, the Holland Insurance Company.

This pet insurance provider has three types of insurance policies, namely, the Basic, Standard, and Comprehensive coverage.

The primary coverage has accidental injury and illness with an annual benefit of $5,000. The coverage also has up to 80% coverage on your vet’s bill costs. You can also choose your excess for this coverage, either $0 or $200. It has lifetime coverage, just like the other two policies, and has a 21 day cool off period. However, it does not include the consultation fees of your vet, so if you are planning to get this policy, you might get ready to pay for the price. This policy includes the cruciate ligament condition to benefit with an annual limit of $1,500.

With this policy, they can board your pet in a licensed pet boarding facility for five days or more if ever you are hospitalized, and no one is going to take care of your pet. The annual limit for this benefit is $500. This policy also includes tick paralysis with a yearly limit of $1,000.

The standard coverage has the same coverage with the basic; however, it has an annual limit of $10,000 for all your pet treatment costs. You could also pick your excess from $0 to $100 and entitles you for consultation fees of a maximum of $300 per policy year. Not like the necessary coverage, this policy has a higher annual limit for cruciate ligament conditions amounting to $2,600. The same amount also the comprehensive coverage. If ever you get hospitalized, the insurance covers your pet’s boarding fees amounting to $1,000 annually for a minimum of 5 days. It also has the same tick paralysis benefit as the primary policy.

Comprehensive coverage has the most extensive coverage among the three, with an annual benefit of $12,000. The inclusions of this coverage are for accidental injuries and illnesses with Routine Care. Routine care can be for vaccinations and health checks with an annual benefit of $50.

The comprehensive policy has lifetime coverage with a maximum annual consultation fee of $300. In case you get an emergency, however, this policy will ensure you a $1,200 boarding fee for your furry friend. The inclusion of the emergency boarding fee is a five-day stay at a licensed pet boarding facility. The tick paralysis benefit for this policy is also higher than the Standard policy with an annual limit of $1,500.

All the coverage plans have a waiting period of 30 days for the illness conditions and six months for the cruciate ligament conditions benefit. The illnesses covered for each policy includes cancer treatments, skin conditions, gastrointestinal problems, ingestion of foreign objects, which is very common to dogs and cats. All policies have an accidental injury benefit, which includes vehicular accidents, burns, bone fractures, snake bites, and lacerations.

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